Grammar Revision Exercise 3

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Many biologists and environmental activists...... that too many whales ...... every year.

A) have been arguing / killed
B) are argued / have been killed
C) are arguing / will be killing
D) were argued / are killed
E) argue / are being killed

2. Because the traffic was so terrible, by the time we got to the airport, our airline's check-In counter had...... closed.

A) already
B) no more
C) still
D) yet
E) any longer

3. Important football matches in England and Wales,......the FA Cup final, can attract TV audiences all over the world.

A) such as
B) in order to
C) so that
D) alike
E) just as

4. The new film's director was distressed at the audience's reaction: at the end, they......, but instead, they were all laughing.

A) may have cried
B) must have been crying
C) used to cry
D) were supposed to be crying
E) might cry

5. about Rey's wedding, but I thought you'd already heard about it.

A) must have told
B) will have told
C) would have told
D) may have told
E) could be telling

6. The hat to......I am referring is not the on your head, but the one over there on the table.

A) that/which
B) which /that
C) what / where
D) how / who
E) whose / when

7. The committee was shocked upon that most of the taxes......went to corrupt officials, rather than ..... to the national treasury.

A) discovered / having collected
B) to discover / being collected
C) being discovered / to collect
D) discovered / being collected
E) having discovered / collecting

8. The twenty emperors of the Tang Dynasty of China ruled over one of ......societies of all time.

A) the most sophisticated
B) sophisticated enough
C) too sophisticated
D) so sophisticated
E) more sophisticated than

9. If global warming causes the ocean level to rise, will suffer.

A) all
B) every
C) most of
D) each of
E) the whole

10. As a student, you envied your friends who were working and earning their own money,......?

A) were they
B) didn't you
C) weren't they
D) were you
E) did you

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