Mixed ESL Grammar Practice 20

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. By the time Julia's father......that she ......off with Tom, it was too late to prevent their marriage.

A) realizes / is running
B) realized / had run
C) had realized / runs
D) has realized / ran
E) will realize / has run

2. Rose......her bachelor's degree, and she......her master's degree next semester.

A) is obtaining / began
B) was obtaining / is beginning
C) had obtained / has begun
D) obtains / is going to begin
E) has obtained / will begin

3. The governor......so many mistakes that no one......her anymore.

A) has made / trusts
B) makes /trusted
C) was making / has trusted
D) had made /will trust
E) is making / had trusted

4. Peter, a high school friend of mine, ......in a photographic lab while he ...... in Paris.

A) has worked / lived
B) had worked / has been living
C) has been working / has lived
D) was working / had lived
E) worked / was living

5. The first woman space tourist...... in Iran, but......most of her life in the United States.

A) to be born / spends
B) had been born / was spent
C) has been born / had spent
D) was born / has spent
E) born / is spending

6. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet,......more than 3,000 meters above sea level, which......It one of the highest cities in the world.

A) locates / has made
B) is located / makes
C) is locating / made
D) has been located / is making
E) was located / was made

7. A scientist......that he ...... a way to create life.

A) is claiming / finds
B) was claimed / found
C) was claiming / is found
D) claimed / was found
E) claims / has found

8. A helicopter that......24 politicians ......missing in bad weather.

A) was carried / had been reported
B) has carried / will report
C) was carrying / has been reported
D) carries / has reported
E) is carried / is reported

9. By the time we......by a passing fishing boat, none of us......for three days.

A) were being rescued / ate
B) were rescued / had eaten
C) have been rescued / were eating
D) are rescued / have eaten
E) had been rescued / are eating

10. Could you repeat that, please? I'm afraid I......what you just.......

A) didn't understand / said
B) can't understand / will say
C) haven't understood / say
D) don't understand / are saying
E) won't understand / have been saying

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