ESL Practice For Adults 8

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Bill Is a man ...... is interesting to talk with, but...... stories about himself are so incredible that not many people believe them.

A) which / that
B) who / whose
C) that / what
D) whom / when
E) what / whom

2. hard she tries, Andy Capp's wife cannot convince him to look for a job.

A) In case
B) However
C) Since
D) No matter
E) Even if

3. The people for ...... I work have gone on holiday, so the office has been quite relaxed this week.

A) whom
B) who
C) what
D) that
E) whose

4. I hope that you......what you are looking for by the time I.......

A) have found / will return
B) will have found / return
C) will find / returned
D) found / am returning
E) had found / was returning

5. You haven't read the new book that has been so highly acclaimed yet,......?

A) haven't you
B) has it
C) hasn't it
D) isn't it
E) have you

6. I can hardly go to any concerts .....the high price of the tickets.

A) on account of
B) supposing
C) whereas
D) in case
E) as if

7. There are buses......hour, but with the security situation so unsettled, no one is sure......the journey will take.

A) every / how long
B) all / however
C) each / how often
D) most / how much
E) whole / how many

8. The president cannot decide how to deal with the crisis, and......his advisors.

A) so do
B) nor are
C) neither can
D) as can
E) so can

9. My father gave me two English books ......he thought I would be able to read, but in fact......was suitable for my level.

A) that / some
B) who / none
C) whose / each
D) when / both
E) which / neither

10. Both of the job offers are interesting, but the position in Izmir seems to be ......suitable for me.

A) much
B) more
C) such
D) ever
E) even

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