Grammar Review Tests 22

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. With its excellent beaches,...... fascinating historical buildings, Malta is one of the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean.

A) as well as
B) rather more
C) each other
D) so much
E) provided that

2. .......there is a major athletics event, some of the competitors are sure to be found using banned substances.

A) No matter
B) Whenever
C) Unless
D) Although
E) By the time

3. .......I like going to parties, if I go too often, I get bored.

A) However
B) In case
C) As though
D) Because
E) Much as

4. get the full benefit of this course, it is essential that you attend all the lectures.

A) As long as
B) Owing
C) In case
D) Unless
E) in order

5. .......the rain stopped, it was too late to start the match.

A) As long as
B) Due to
C) Owing to
D) By the time
E) As far as

6. When you get to the rendezvous point, make sure you are carrying a copy of today's Times in your right hand; ......, our agent will not know who you are.

A) in order that
B) thus
C) otherwise
D) whether
E) moreover

7. While some young people spend their entire salary on going out with friends, others are more thrifty and save...... they can.

A) so much that
B) as much as
C) no matter
D) likewise
E) in order that

8. .......had Andy arrived home......Flo began to shout at him for staying out so late.

A) No sooner / as
B) Barely / when
C) Not only / that
D) Both / and
E) So soon / as

9. You should always ask around at different travel sure to get the best deal.

A) besides
B) so that
C) In case
D) therefore
E) so as to

10. .......the curfew, no one will be allowed on the streets after 8 o'clock.

A) In case
B) So that
C) In order to
D) On account of
E) Unless

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