ESL Practice Tests 15

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The journey......meticulously, because we...... through uninhabited regions where there was to be no food or water available.

A) should be planned / had passed
B) ought to plan / must have passed
C) must have been planned / will pass
D) had to be planned / would pass
E) may be planned / should have passed

2. Since Ted has......a good education ......a charismatic personality, he should have a bright future.

A) whether / or
B) even / so
C) not only / but also
D) such / as
E) neither / and

3. .......I know, Jake is ...... interested in our project.

A) As though / even
B) Whoever / anymore
C) No matter / still
D) Even so / no more
E) As far as / no longer

4. It to take photographs on a digital camera because you can see them right away.

A) much more
B) too much
C) so many
D) several
E) such a lot

5. Steve WIcCurry, many of ...... photographs have won international awards, recently had an exhibition in Istanbul.

A) which
B) whom
C) what
D) whose
E) that

6. Some people have a talent for science and mathematics,......others are good at art and music.

A) such as
B) rather than
C) while
D) no matter
E) otherwise

7. US visa fees are very high, and so, ......, most countries charge US citizens a lot for a visa.

A) no matter
B) owing to
C) in addition
D) as if
E) In return

8. I wonder......textbooks I will need to buy for my literature course.

A) how many
B) how often
C) how far
D) however
E) how much

9. You wouldn't be studying mechanical engineering if your father had not forced you to, .......?

A) would you
B) wouldn't you
C) had he
D) are you
E) hadn't he

10. Protesters attempting to reform the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have not had much success ...... .

A) just
C) so far
D) later
E) rather

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