Grammar Practice Tests 26

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. England In 2004, and he......there ever since.

A) was moving / lived
B) has moved / is living
C) had moved / lives
D) would move / was living
E) moved / has been living

2. Though It was supposed to be a 3-star hotel, there was not......a TV in the room.

A) as
B) even
C) for
D) still
E) so

3. ....... American poet Robert Frost, writing free verse is like playing tennis without a net.

A) Compared to
B) Nevertheless
C) As though
D) According to
E) In addition to

4. There are certain books that every the time he or she has graduated from university.

A) ought to have read
B) should be reading
C) would read
D) must be reading
E) may read

5. If Holly......James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, become a writer.

A) didn't read / won't want
B) won't read / hasn't wanted
C) hadn't read / wouldn't have wanted
D) wouldn't read / didn't want
E) doesn't read / hadn't wanted

6. The people with......I shared a house ...... I was at university were all vegetarians.

A) whom / when
B) what / where
C) that / which
D) which /whom
E) where / what

7. Most serious students work hard...... a good university.

A) to get / admitted
B) having got / to admit
C) getting / being admitted
D) to have got / admitting
E) got / being admitted

8. The best American universities are is difficult for anyone but the rich to study there without a scholarship.

A) as / as
B) so / that
C) such an / so
D) the most / of
E) too / for

9. There's ...... food in the house, so we'll have to go out and buy...... .

A) some / any
B) a / none
C) no / some
D) any / them
E) none / it

10. You haven't eaten the entire cake that is made for tonight's party,......?

A) did you
B) didn't I
C) did I
D) have you
E) haven't you

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