ESL EFL Grammar Rules Quiz 12

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. I......all night long, and I must get some sleep, or else I......asleep during the exam.

A) have been studying / will fall
B) was studying / fall
C) am studying / was falling
D) studied / have fallen
E) study / am going to fall

2. The main staple Ethiopia is a flat, sour, spongy bread which .... injera.

A) to eat / calls
B) having eaten / has been called
C) to have eaten / has called
D) eating / was called
E) eaten / is called

3. The famous animal conservationist raise funds for her latest African project when a tragic accident.

A) has been trying / had killed
B) had been trying / killed
C) would try / was being killed
D) tried / has been killed
E) was trying / was killed

4. In Japan, all buildings......during the past decade are designed...... powerful earthquakes.

A) building / withstanding
B) built / to withstand
C) having built / to be withstood
D) to build / to have withstood
E) to be built / having withstood

5. Bali in the high season unless you ...... reservations.

A) don't go / will make
B) can't go / were making
C) haven't gone / would make
D) shouldn't go / have made
E) wouldn't go / make

6. In Turkey, people can now buy as much foreign currency as they like, was not always.......

A) yet / too
B) so / already
C) thus / yet
D) but / so
E) still / either

7. You will have to study for years...... you intend to read the ancient Greek classics In the original.

A) if
B) unless
C) so
D) yet
E) nor

8. Ted thought......would be a good Idea to study with friends rather than on ....... but In the end they just listened to music and played cards.

A) they / them
B) it / his own
C) he / himself
D) theirs / him
E) his / their own

9. Although he is 75 years old and drinks and smokes, Mr. Winston doesn't have problems with his lungs,......does he suffer from a bad liver.

A) each
B) rather
C) unless
D) nor
E) whether

10. .......his money for several years, Jerry had enough......his master's degree without any help from his family.

A) Being saved / financing
B) Saving / being financed
C) To be saved / having financed
D) Having saved / to finance
E) To save / financed

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