ESL Grammar Tests 11

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Ever since she started attending evening courses, much yoga as she.......

A) isn't doing / has been
B) wasn't doing / should
C) hasn't been able to do / used to
D) doesn't do / would like
E) didn't do / must

2. There doesn't seem to get away from the crowd in this town.

A) anywhere
B) somehow
C) nowhere
D) nobody
E) wherever

3. .......classical dance for five years, Akiko finally felt public.

A) Studying / to be performed
B) To be studied / performing
C) Being studied / having performed
D) Having studied / to perform
E) To study / performed

4. The farmers in the valley eat most of ......they produce, and......they don't eat, they sell.

A) which / anything
B) where / how else
C) that / something
D) how / whenever
E) what / whatever

5. Yoriko, after working all day, prefers to open a tin......cook a meal for herself.

A) otherwise
B) rather than
C) therefore
D) as long as
E) instead

6. You have to take the full course of your feel better;......, your illness will simply return.

A) so that / such as
B) unless / moreover
C) whereas / even if
D) even if / otherwise
E) although / so that

7. If you ...... a car, you should get it ...... regularly.

A) owned / to service
B) will own / servicing
C) own / serviced
D) had owned / being serviced
E) would own / have serviced

8. Sandy ...... on her car all day long—I wonder if this evening.

A) works / is going to finish
B) worked / was finishing
C) is going to work / has finished
D) had worked / has been finishing
E) has been working / will have finished

9. Anna has been interested in learning how to sail a boat ……. she went sailing with her friends a few years ago.

A) by the time
B) the moment
C) just after
D) ever since
E) long before

10. We were expecting beautiful weather at the beach, but it was so cold and rainy that,......getting a sun tan, I caught a cold.

A) in case of
B) instead of
C) compared to
D) according to
E) just as

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