Mixed Grammar Quizzes 13

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The moment I saw the bus at the bus stop ahead, I started to run......I could in order to catch it.

A) faster than
B) too fast that
C) fast enough
D) as fast as
E) so fast that

2. Sanskrit is......difficult language and is of ...... practical use that few people even attempt to study it.

A) as / few enough
B) too / such a little
C) a very / too few
D) such a / so little
E) so / as little

3. The Mayan civilization......to exist long before the first Europeans ...... in the Americas.

A) was ceasing / will arrive
B) has ceased / would arrive
C) had been ceasing / have arrived
D) ceased / are arriving
E) had ceased / arrived

4. .......you have graduated from university and started working, you will realize ......fun it was being a student.

A) Hardly / what
B) When / so
C) Not only / that
D) Once / how much
E) How/ so much

5. You failed all of your exams this semester because you......computer games when you.......

A) were playing / should have been studying
B) could be playing / used to study
C) had to play / ought to study
D) played / must have been studying
E) have been playing / were studying

6. .......in 1513, the Piri Reis map accurately......the outlines of parts of South America.

A) Having drawn / showed
B) Drawn / shows
C) To draw / has shown
D) To be drawn / was showing
E) Being drawn / will be showing

7. Many writers say that they never enjoy writing another book......they enjoyed writing their first one.

A) so much that
B) as much as
C) the most than
D) too many as
E) enough as

8. .......education a person has....... chance there is of him or her earning low wages.

A) A little / no
B) Little / much
C) Plenty of / a few
D) The less / the more
E) Several / many

9. .......told me that there was a party last night, so 1 just stayed home and didn't do.......

A) Someone / anywhere
B) Anyone / nothing
C) Somebody / nowhere
D) Everyone / no more
E) No one / anything

10. Happy......his research paper with two days......, Arnie decided to celebrate with his friends.

A) finishing / having spared
B) finished / to have spared
C) being finished / to be spared
D) to finish / sparing
E) to have finished / to spare

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