English Grammar Practice Quiz 9

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Nowadays, it......that the Vikings .... the Americas about 500 years before Columbus' arrival there in 1492.

A) has believed / were reached
B) is believed / had reached
C) believed / have been reaching
D) has been believed / reached
E) will believe / have reached

2. ....... moment I have ever experienced was when I saw my 1-year-old son sitting on the windowsill of our flat on the third floor.

A) As terrified as
B) Too terrifying
C) A more terrified
D) The most terrifying
E) Such a terrifying

3. Sandy got married when she was .... 16, and now, at the age of 36, she is ......a grandmother.

A) still / anymore
B) however / as
C) despite / no longer
D) barely / already
E) although / even

4. John failed his exams because he was always out with his friends when he…………..

A) should have been studying
B) used to study
C) must have been studying
D) will have studied
E) could be studying

5. Before she got that new job, Eda...... lots of good books, but now she just doesn't have the time.

A) ought to be reading
B) had better read
C) used to read
D) can read
E) will have read

6. The man......briefcase is currently on fire is the same man......I argued with at the post office last week.

A) whom / when
B) that/which
C) what / whose
D) whose / who
E) which / whom

7. .......on a chair every day, I am not used......, and so my leg muscles get sore when I do.

A) Sitting / to being stood
B) Having been sitting / to standing
C) To sit / standing
D) Sat / having been standing
E) To have sat / to stand

8. .......$100 for my US visa application, I was upset......that I'd been rejected for unspecified reasons.

A) Paying / being discovered
B) To be paid / discovering
C) Having paid / to discover
D) To pay / having discovered
E) Being paid / to be discovered

9. Mr. Berry feels that the world today is not......it was during his childhood.

A) too safe for
B) so safe that
C) the safest that
D) as safe as
E) much safer

10. As she watched......get in the car and drive away, Miranda knew that......life would never be the same again.

A) he / herself
B) it / hers
C) their / her own
D) his / she
E) him / her

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