English as a Second Language Quiz 19

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. You......here an hour ago; I hope you have a good excuse.

A) were supposed to be
B) must have been
C) have been
D) ought to be
E) are going to be

2. Your daughter is almost.......age .... my son, so I'm sure they can easily make friends with each other.

A) such / that
B) the same/ as
C) similar/to
D) more / than
E) as / as

3. Though I said I wouldn't lend you .... money, I will give you one last chance-......do you need this time?

A) some more / how often
B) any more / how much
C) too much / however
D) so many / how many
E) as much / how far

4. .......in the Pali language for 30 years, Dr. Seigal had the ability......the faults in Dr. Roth's translations.

A) To specialize / to have spotted
B) Being specialized / having spotted
C) Having specialized / to spot
D) Specializing / to be spotted
E) To have specialized / spot

5. The suspect said he had...... to say and refused to answer ...... questions.

A) something / none
B) anything / some
C) nothing / any
D) everything / each
E) no more / every

6. With heavy packages in my hand, I couldn't walk ...... to catch the train.

A) such fast
B) fast enough
C) so fast that
D) the fastest
E) faster than

7. Sarah told her husband that she could not stand......of his nagging, and that he had better start behaving better unless he wanted a divorce.

A) any more
B) no longer
C)so many
D) no more
E) much more

8. George Bernard Shaw is the only person ever to receive ...... an Academy Award......a Nobel Prize.

A) both / and
B) whether / or
C) such / that
D) ever/ since
E) as / if

9. How I wish I ...... my next holiday abroad, but considering how little I earn, it......very likely.

A) could spend / doesn't seem
B) had spent / wouldn't seem
C) would spend / didn't seem
D) spent / hasn't seemed
E) can spend / won't seem

10. For the party, we prepared......enough food, just in case any unexpected guests arrived.

A) too much
B) much more
C) more than
D) rather than
E) so much

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