ESL Grammar Quizzes 23

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Let's not pick these strawberries until tomorrow so that they get sweet....... to be eaten.

B) more
C) much
D) rather
E) most

2. a secret like this if I ……., you.

A) don't tell / won't trust
B) am not telling / haven't trusted
C) wouldn't tell / didn't trust
D) haven't told / wouldn't trust
E) wasn't telling / don't trust

3. I......all of the words know for the final exam by the end of next month.

A) will have memorized / will need
B) was memorizing / had needed
C) have memorized / need
D) have been memorizing / needed
E) memorize / will have needed

4. The people from......I am descended were hearty seafarers.

A) what
B) that
C) whose
D) where
E) whom

5. .......on strike in one factory, the workers were considering ...... to spread the action to neighbouring factories.

A) To go / being tried
B) Gone / to try
C) To have gone / try
D) Going / to be tried
E) Having gone / trying

6. Even though it was expensive, we decided to fly because it......too much time by bus.

A) should be taking
B) ought to take
C) would have taken
D) must have taken
E) has to take

7. .......he told you must have been good news, because you haven't stopped smiling since.

A) Whomever
B) Whatever
C) However
D) Whenever
E) Whoever

8. When we visited the Singhs, I told them that, since I was used to...... spicy food, there was no need for Mrs. Singh......down her cooking for me.

A) eat / toned
B) being eaten / toning
C) eaten 'to have toned
D) having been eaten / being toned
E) eating / to tone

9. I had to attend a family reunion last night at my mother's insistence, but I'd home.

A) stayed
B) was staying
C) have stayed
D) having stayed
E) to stay

10. Despite travelling all over world, Rupert returned home having learned absolutely.......

A) anything
B) what else
C) everywhere
D) someone
E) nothing

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