Grammar Tests for ESL 25

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ESL Revision Test 25

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. .......taking your shoes off before you come in?

A) Would you mind
B) Would you like
C) Would you rather
D) Are you supposed
E) Why don't you

2. If I......married on Saturday, of course the company barbecue.

A) won't get / come
B) am not getting / have come
C) weren't getting / would come
D) hadn't been getting / ought to come
E) wouldn't get / will come

3. I wish I ...... you were getting married; I ......another day for the barbecue.

A) know / had chosen
B) have known / will be choosing
C) would know / was going to choose
D) had known / would have chosen
E) knew / have chosen

4. I ........ this table if I......that it wasn't actually an antique.

A) didn't buy / would have realized
B) wouldn't have bought / had realized
C) won't have bought / realize
D) haven't bought / might realize
E) wasn't buying / would realize

5. Ken's mother reminded him that unless he......a wife soon, he......up a lonely bachelor like his uncle Ben.

A) had found / ought to wind
B) would find / had wound
C) will find /winds
D) has found / is winding
E) found / would wind

6. Ken answered that he......a bachelor with a satisfying career than trapped in a meaningless marriage.

A) must have been
B) had to be
C) would rather be
D) might have been
E) will have been

7. You......of a good excuse for not handing in your research paper on time.

A) would think
B) would rather think
C) must be thought
D) used to think
E) had better think

8. No problem—I'll just tell the professor that I......him when he told us when the paper was due.

A) used to misunderstand
B) must have misunderstood
C) could misunderstand
D) should have misunderstood
E) had better misunderstand

9. I wish my parole board every week; it Is so inconvenient.

A) didn't have to report
B) shouldn't report
C) won't be reporting
D) don't have to report
E) mustn't report

10. We......every match, until our goalkeeper got injured.

A) should win
B) used to win
C) have been winning
D) might be winning
E) must have won

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