ESL / EFL Grammar Exercises 21

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. I......on this assignment for two weeks, and I hope soon.

A) was working / finished
B) worked / am finishing
C) have been working / will finish
D) have worked / was finishing
E) am working / have finished

2. Citizen many critics as the greatest film that ...... in the 20th century.

A) is chosen /was making
B) chooses / has been made
C) has been chosen / was made
D) was chosen / is made
E) chose / makes

3. Officials are hopeful that the whole the time the hurricane.

A) was evacuating / had struck
B) was evacuated / has struck
C) is going to evacuate / is striking
D) is evacuated / was striking
E) will have been evacuated / strikes

4. James......working for a local paper without even graduating from high school, and he......himself through his journalism ever since.

A) has begun / supports
B) began / has been supporting
C) was beginning / supported
D) had begun / is supporting
E) begins / will be supporting

5. the Chinese, who ......It in warfare as early as the 10th century.

A) has invented / had used
B) was being invented / have been using
C) was invented / were using
D) invented / used
E) had been invented / have used

6. .......beautiful a place is,......likely it is to eventually be spoiled by tourist pollution.

A) The more / the more
B) Whether / or
C) The sooner / the better
D) No sooner / than
E) Not only/ but also

7. .......had the rocket been launched it began to go off course.

A) Hardly/when
B) Both / and
C) Neither/ nor
D) Whether / or
E) The more / than

8. was that attracted the audiences, Stanley Kubrick's films were always popular.

A) Everywhere
B) Not only
C) So much
D) Whatever
E) However

9. .......I can tell, prices in Japan have not risen for the past twenty years.

A) Just
B) Much like
C) As far as
D) If only
E) However

10. The Turkish national football team will never win a major tournament...... they learn discipline.

A) since
B) not only
C) whereas
D) even
E) unless

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