If Clauses Exercises

1) Complete this exercise with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses.

A:  We had a great time at Drew's house Sunday. Why didn't you come?

B:  I had to study for Spanish.

A:  If you (come) with us, you (see) an

     awesome movie.

B:  Yeah? What?

A:  We rented Back to the Future. It's about a kid who time

     travels back to his parents' high school days. He changes his own future.

     At the end, his parents...

B:  Wait-Don't tell me. If you (tell) me the ending, you

      (spoil) it for me. I want to see it myself.

A:  OK. But have you ever thought about that?

B:  About what?

A:  About how things could be different. You grew up here in Baileyville,

     and you're almost an adult now. But what your childhood

      (be) like if you (be born) in a different


B:  Let's see. If I (have) a different family, I

     (not grow up) here in Baileyville.

A:  And if you (not grow up) here, I (not

     meet) you.

B:  That's true. But getting back to the here-and-now, how did you do on

     the Spanish test?

A:  I flunked. I wish I (not take) that course. I'm going to fail.

B:  You just don't study enough. If you (study) more,

     you (pass) this course easily this semester.

A:  That's easy for you to say. You always get A's.

B:  Sometimes I don't. It's not automatic. I (not get) A's unless

     I (study) hard.

A:  I suppose you're right.

B:  If I (be) you, I (try) to do better on the next test.

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