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Complete the sentences with the correct options.

1. Because of the hurricane, by January, the farmers who ---- will have little or nothing to harvest and ---- the few reserves they have.

were affected / had exhausted
affected / were exhausted
have affected / will be exhausting
will affect / have been exhausted
were affected / will have exhausted

2. Some students do very well in class even when they don't study, while ---- struggle to maintain their average grades in spite of studying very hard.

the other
the others

3. According to a recent survey, respect for the other partner is just ---- important in a romantic relationship ---- it is in a friendship.

so / to
neither / or
much / than
as / as
too / as

4. More than 120 people are believed ---- when the pilot of the Boeing 767 tried to land his plane into the Indian Ocean off the Comoro Islands after running out of fuel.

having died
to have been died
to die
to have died

5. One of the deadliest hijackings took place in 1977, when terrorists identified as the Japanese Red Army ---- a Malaysian airlines jet traveling to Kuala Lumpur.

took over
showed up
grew up
held on
relied on

6. It was while I ---- on the banks of the river running through the crowded park that I ----an old friend of mine.

am waiting / come across
was waiting / had come across
have been waiting / came across
had waited / come across
was waiting / came across

7. Some writers work individually, while ----form ---- own writing teams for a particular project or may always write as a team.

another / they
other / theirs
the other / his
others / their
the others / their

8. Some sweaters made by villagers are ----tightly woven ---- they are almost water proof.

as / as
such / that
so / that
too / that
so / as

9. The hurricane Wilma, which hit South Florida, is considered by many ---- the most powerful in U.S. history.

having been
have been
to being
to have been

10. If the necessary decisions ---- in the first place by the government they ---- to find excuses for the inconvenience now.

has been made / won’t be trying
were made / wouldn’t have been trying
had been made / wouldn’t be trying
were making / wouldn’t be trying
are made / wouldn’t be tried

11. The fact that George has won every single game he played, makes us think that he ---- a lot.

may be practiced
must have practiced
were supposed to practice
should have practiced
could practice

12. I live in Washington D.C. ---- the U.S. governors make very important decisions for their people’s welfare.

to whom
of which

13. No country in history has ever built ---- many wonderful buildings ---- Greece has.

so / that
such / that
so / as
very / that
too / as

14. The new building at the corner of the street will have to be ---- as it hasn’t been built to be quake-proof.

took after
looked after
put out
stood for
pulled down

15. The most common method of thieves nowadays is to steal the entire safe and move it to a location where they have the time and tools to ---- the safe and remove its contents.

take apart
cut down
put out
run into
get over

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