EFL Grammar Quizzes 19

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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. For the last hour, the committee members...... when......the construction of the new bridge.

A) have discussed / started
B) are discussing / starting
C) will have discussed / being started
D) have been discussing / to start
E) were discussing / having started

2. If local governments......after the environment around popular tourist destinations, they ...... their appeal.

A) haven't looked / are losing
B) weren't looking / lost
C) didn't look / have lost
D) wouldn't look / lose
E) don't look / will lose

3. In countries......are affected by wars and famines, It Is often the children ......suffer the most.

A) where / what
B) whose / how
C) which / who
D) why / whom
E) when / why

4. I think......photographs are better than......only because you have a better camera.

A) your / mine
B) you / my
C) mine / yourself
D) yours / me
E) your own / myself

5. "Working two part-time jobs while, at the same time.......for her Ph.D. taught Deniz how......her time.

A) to study / to be organized
B) studied / organizing
C) studying / to organize
D) to be studying / organize
E) having studied / organized

6. Although tigers......in Africa, plenty of lions ...... there.

A) do not find / are living
B) are not found / live
C) have not been found / will live
D) had not been found / have lived
E) have not found / had been living

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7. We were surprised at......the rooms in Japanese houses were, but it was interesting to see ...... the Japanese use their limited space.

A) how small / how well
B) so small /so good
C) such a small / much better
D) the smallest / such a good
E) too small / the best

8. Jackie is......of our strikers, and so he is......likely to score a goal.

A) so good / too much
B) the best / the most
C) any good / the more
D) as good as / how much
E) the better / any more

9. Since there seems to be......to discuss, we can call this meeting to a close.

A) another
B) whatever
C) nothing else
D) any other
E) itself

10. I want to finish my speech without ......, and then I'll listen to your complaints.

A) to be interrupted
B) being interrupted
C) to have interrupted
D) interrupt
E) having interrupted

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