ESL EFL Grammar Practice 14

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The first dictionaries of many Native American languages ...... for missionaries convert people to the Christian religion.

A) were compiled / hoped
B) have been compiling / had hoped
C) compiled / have been hoping
D) are compiled / were hoping
E) were compiling / have hoped

2. Unfortunately, the weather bureau .... that less rain......this year than last year, which may be bad news for the farmers.

A) has predicted /fell
B) predicts / will fall
C) was predicted / falls
D) is predicting / has fallen
E) is predicted / is falling

3. Ryan was in trouble with the law as a teenager,......he managed to turn his life around before it was too late.

A) while
B) for
C) but
D) nor
E) unless

4. 32. Scott......the best bicycle in the neighbourhood, but then it was stolen.

A) ought to own
B) had better own
C) may own
D) used to own
E) should have owned

5. 42. Mr. Jones......fresh fruit and vegetables, but, since his heart attack, he......his eating habits.

A) didn't have to eat / might change
B) wasn't supposed to eat / would change
C) mustn't eat / could have changed
D) wouldn't eat / used to change
E) didn't use to eat / has had to change

6. The US dollar, widely accepted as a strong and stable currency, is actually much less stable than the Japanese yen.

A) what
B) where
C) which
D) when
E) why

7. .......her subject thoroughly over a period of two years, Pelin was finally ready to start......her master's thesis.

A) To be researched / having written
B) Researching / wrote
C) To research / to have written
D) Having researched /writing
E) Researched / to write

8. The the police was infamous for......... several crimes.

A) to catch / commit
B) catching / being commit
C) being caught / to commit
D) caught / having committed
E) to be caught / to have committed

9. It's a real shame that you missed........class

A) too interesting
B) such an interesting
C) interesting enough
D) so interesting
E) more interesting than

10. .......of the films of Stanley Kubrick has ......distinctive about it.

A) Each / something
B) Some / nothing
C) The whole / whatever
D) Every one / anything
E) All / everything

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