ESL Mixed Grammar Quiz 6

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Linda......a vegetarian three years ago after watching a documentary on animal rights, and she......meat since then.

A) became / hasn't eaten
B) had become / doesn't eat
C) was becoming / isn't eating
D) would become / didn't eat
E) has become / hadn't eaten

2. .......the president began to speak, protestors began chanting anti-war slogans.

A) Already
B) Even
C) No longer
D) The moment
E) Provided that

3. .......a loss......a draw will be any good to us in this game. We have to win, or we're out of the league cup.

A) Both / and
B) Neither / nor
C) Either / or
D) Hardly / when
E) Such / as

4. Since an any time, it Is always best to be prepared,

A) will have occurred
B) has occurred
C) must have occurred
D) ought to occur
E) might occur

5. Since David lives in Mexico but speaks no Spanish, I wonder......he manages to talk to his neighbours and do his shopping.

A) which
B) what
C) how
D) whom
E) why

6. I wish that I......Freddy that he won't be chosen for the school basketball team.

A) haven't been telling
B) won't have to tell
C) don't have to tell
D) didn't have to tell
E) shouldn't be telling

7. a finalist in the spelling competition caused young Scott ...... from depression for months afterwards.

A) to choose / suffering
B) being chosen / to suffer
C) to have chosen / to be suffered
D) choosing / to have suffered
E) to be chosen / suffered

8. Frank Lloyd Wright was a pioneer architect whose ideas were......ahead of his time, and he had to fight for acceptance of every new design.

A) that
B) such
C) better
D) well
E) too

9. .......who is acquainted with Pat knows that they can always rely on.......

A) Everyone / her
B) Someone / his
C) Whoever / him
D) Nobody / hers
E) Anybody / he

10. Wandering aimlessly, Peter found...... in the kind of neighbourhood that his mother had warned......not to go into.

A) his own / her
B) him / himself
C) himself/ him
D) he / his
E) his / herself

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Correct answers:
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