ESL Grammar Review Test 4

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Dan......attention to the road when he......into a hole in the ground.

A) wasn't paying / fell
B) hadn't paid / was failing
C) didn't pay / has fallen
D) hasn't been paying / would fall
E) won't have paid / had fallen

2. .......Sofia passes the class...... depends on her grade on the final essay.

A) Both / and
B) Not only/ but also
C) Hardly /when
D) Whether/or not
E) Neither / nor

3. Istanbul has many unique historical monuments; ......, it has one of the most beautiful natural settings of any city in the world.

A) as if
B) so that
C) due to
D) in case
E) furthermore

4. After a few weeks of struggling unsuccessfully with irregular verbs, Kate realized that she ...... to study Russian.

A) shouldn't have chosen
B) may not have chosen
C) must not have chosen
D) couldn't have chosen
E) can't have chosen

5. Some analysts predict that, someday, there......a major war over water if resources......more rationally.

A) would be / have not been used
B) has been / were not being used
C) will be / are not used
D) was / did not use
E) had been / will not be used

6. .......the universe is expanding was discovered in the 1920s by Edwin Hubble.

A) What
B) Who
C) Which
D) When
E) That

7. .......on the beautiful Bahamian island of Andros in 1977, Joseph fell so in love with the place that he decided never .......

A) To arrive / to be leaving
B) Having arrived / leaving
C) Arriving / to leave
D) Arrived / to have left
E) To have arrived / leave

8. As Jose had received a much ...... grade in geography class than Juan, he felt extremely jealous of him.

A) the worst
B) too bad
C) bad
D) worse
E) as bad

9. Edy said he wasn't interested in going to Chicago because he'd .... been there.

A) too
B) ever
C) still
D) also
E) already

10. The economy has been doing poorly in spite of what the figures the government recently released say,......?

A) didn't they
B) didn't it
C) hasn't it
D) has it
E) did they

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Correct answers:
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