ESL Grammar Tests 10

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Fortunately, a construction worker as he......, and so they rescued him immediately.

A) has been noticed / fell
B) was noticing / has fallen
C) was noticed / was falling
D) would be noticed / had fallen
E) had noticed / would fall

2. There may be catastrophic climate change......people don't recognize and combat the dangers of global warming.

A) just as
B) therefore
C) if only
D) due to
E) provided that

3. What's wrong, Chester? You look…….. you've heard some bad news.

A) in case
B) as long as
C) as if
D) however
E) no matter

4. Some people prefer the security of a regular salary, while others......their own business, despite the risks involved.

A) are supposed to start
B) must have started
C) could start
D) would rather start
E) will have started

5. If Paul......attention, he......that Agatha has been crying a lot recently.

A) were paying / might realize
B) has paid / realized
C) pays /would realize
D) will have been paying / has realized
E) would pay/ had realized

6. The members disappeared during the protest are marching on the parliament building.

A) why
B) whose
C) what
D) where
E) when

7. A new shopping mall is......where our little league baseball team used.......

A) building / to playing
B) to be built / to play
C) to have built / play
D) to build /play
E) built/ playing

8. Tony has recovered from the flu, but he is play football.

A) as weak
B) so weal
C) the weakest
D) weak enough
E) too weak

9. Alicia, I've never stubborn as you are.

A) anybody
B) everyone
C) the one
D) no one
E) nobody

10. I wish I knew what was going to happen next, ......?

A) wasn't it
B) do I
C) was it
D) don't you
E) didn't I

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Correct answers:
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