ESL Mixed Tests 7

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Casper......three Romance languages already, and he ...... a fourth one next term.

A) learnt/ has begun
B) is going to learn / would begin
C) will have learnt / begins
D) is learning / began
E) has learnt / will begin

2. The beginning of the monsoon ...... any day now, and so, for the last few days, the farmers......their fields.

A) has been expected / were preparing
B) will be expected / prepare
C) is expected / have been preparing
D) is being expected / are prepahng
E) was expected / have prepared

3. Kevin has found that his life seems to have more meaning......he has a daughter of his own.

A) now that
B) unless
C) as soon as
D) until
E) by the time

4. Mr. Hamilton...... plastic surgery, or else young.

A) should have / ought not to look
B) would have / must not look
C) ought to have had / may not look
D) must have had / wouldn't look
E) could have / did not use to look

5. Clive was selling his old laptop at a very low price;, but I was completely broke at the time.

A) must have bought
B) have to buy
C) will buy
D) could buy
E) would have bought

6. The authors......I admire most are those......continue writing despite severe criticism.

A) whom / who
B) which / what
C) who / how
D) that / whose
E) what / whom

7. The art of smelting iron is thought …….. in the ancient Near East, possibly in eastern Anatolia.

A) discovering
B) having been discovered
C) being discovered
D) to have been discovered
E) to discover

8. My bicycle now, but I see it ......there in the shop, still broken.

A) to repair / having sat
B) repaired / sit
C) to be repaired / to have sat
D) repairing/to sit
E) to have been repaired / sitting

9. Sorry I'm late, but if I had known you lived......away, I would have left home.......

A) so far / earlier
B) too far / as early
C) the furthest / the earliest
D) as far / so early
E) such a far / too early

10. The leaders of the revolution imprisoned ......that had been connected with the former government.

A) whichever
B) everyone
C) anywhere
D) whomever
E) something

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