Grammar Revision Online 1

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. We .......... dinner when our unexpected guests ............

A) ate / were arriving
B) were eating / arrived
C) had eaten / would have arrived
D) have eaten / arrive
E) had been eating / have arrived

2. Since they ........... us they were coming, we .......... any food for them.

A) aren't telling / don't have
B) hadn't told / didn't have
C) won't tell / haven't had
D) don't tell / won't have
E) haven't told / aren't having

3. By the time the plane finally ........... after a four-hour delay, everyone waiting to meet the passengers .......... fed up.

A) has landed / would be
B) is landing / is
C) landed / was
D) was landing / has been
E) would land / had been

4. From what he ......... in his letter, I thought that he ......... in Paris until next year.

A) had written / would be living
B) has written / lives
C) had been writing / will live
D) was writing / lived
E) would have written / was living

5. Unless you ......... where you are going soon, you ......... to get a ticket.

A) decided / haven't been
B) will decide / aren't going to be
C) have decided / aren't
D) decide / won't be able
E) had decided / won't have been

6. I don't know what happened to my bag, but I suppose it ..........

A) must have stolen
B) has been stealing
C) could have been stolen
D) will have been stolen
E) should have stolen

7. If then I asked Sally how she liked her subjects at university, she answered sadly that.......... were too difficult for ......... .

A) them / itself
B) they / her
C) their / she
D) themselves / hers
E) theirs / herself

8. I'm not going to start looking for a job ......... I have finished my studies.

A) by the time
B) without
C) therefore
D) until
E) moreover

9. In spite of the fact that the government owns .......... of the forests in our country, ......... has been done either to curb their misuse or to develop a well-managed forest industry.

A) whole / some
B) a few / none
C) most / plenty
D) both / much
E) all / little

10. ......... today, in some societies the world is thought to be flat.

A) Since
B) Already
C) Even
D) Unless
E) Rather

11. I......... to the party last night, but at the last minute I ......... that I had an exam this morning.

A) went / would have realized
B) had gone / have realized
C) was going to go / realized
D) had to go / must have realized
E) would go / might have realized

12. ....... how hard she tried, her boss always complained about her work.

A) No matter
B) As much as
C) Nonetheless
D) Although
E) As though

13. He consistently refused to take his medicine and .......... his illness has gotten worse.

A) otherwise
B) on the other hand
C) unless
D) as long as
E) consequently

14. When Sir Richard Burton set out on his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1854, no one knew .......... he would return alive.

A) unless
B) whether
C) in case
D) however
E) until

15. There were severe punishments for non-Muslims who tried to enter the holy city, ......... his Arabic was so good that no one suspected him.

A) so
B) or
C) yet
D) as
E) for

16. .......... traveling to Mecca in disguise, Burton was also able to penetrate the forbidden city of Harar in what is now Ethiopia.

A) Although
B) Regardless of
C) Despite
D) Though
E) Besides

17. On the other hand, I have never understood ........... people have to rely on the leisure industry, instead of using their imaginations.

A) that
B) how
C) why
D) who
E) which

18. I don't mind .......... TV at home, but I'd much rather ........... a film in the cinema.

A) to watch / to see
B) watch / seeing
C) having watched / seen
D) watching / see
E) watched / having seen

19. If you can manage ......... here by nine, then we can finish .......... the meeting before lunchtime.

A) to get / planning
B) getting / to plan
C) to be getting / planned
D) having got / having planned
E) to have got / to be planning

20. Though I asked around, no one was quite sure ........... it took to get to the next town.

A) how far
B) how long
C) how much
D) how often
E) how many

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