ESL Mixed Practice 17

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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. When......for olive oil, "refined" means that the oil......chemically to neutralize acid content.

A) using /will have treated
B) used / has been treated
C) to use / will be treated
D) being used / treated
E) uses / is being treated

2. .......of the countries of Western Europe used to have its own currency, but now ...... of them use the euro.

A) Either / any
B) All / whole
C) Each / most
D) Most / too much
E) Whole / every

3. .......I not seen it with my own eyes, I

A) Were / must not have believed
B) Was / shouldn't have believed
C) Am / don't believe
D) Had / wouldn't have believed
E) Have / didn't believe

4. In some countries, there is either...... rain, when the crops don't grow properly, or ....... when land and houses are washed away by floods.

A) so much / enough
B) too little / too much
C) such a little / much more
D) the less / the more
E) the least / the most

5. Apart from......problems we had in communicating, we......enjoyed our holiday.

A) the little / whole
B) some / either
C) the few / all
D) enough / most
E) most/ none

6. .......fully, the Himalayas...... at sunrise.

A) To be appreciated / should be seen
B) To appreciate / must see
C) Appreciating / ought to be seen
D) Having appreciated / will be seen
E) Appreciated / have to see

7. The book 1421, that the Chinese came to the Americas in that year, was written by a a former British naval officer.

A) where / whom
B) which / who
C) how / when
D) when / where
E) who / what

8. .......out of school as a teenager, Maurice decided later in life ...... up his education where he had left off.

A) Being dropped / took
B) Dropping / to be taken
C) To drop / taking
D) Having dropped / to take
E) Dropped / being taken

9. .......opium is being grown in Afghanistan this year......last year.

A) Much more /than
B) So much / as
C) The most / more
D) Too many/that
E) Enough / than

10. We were soon after his car accident.

A) being seen / walked
B) to see / walking
C) to have seen / to walk
D) seen / walk
E) seeing / to have walked

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