Grammar Self Assessment Tests 5

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Ferdinand Magellan was the first European who ...... through the strait that......ever since then as the Strait of Magellan.

A) was sailing / will be known
B) has sailed / would be known
C) had sailed / had been known
D) sailed / has been known
E) had been sailing / is known

2. The car had been damaged to...... extent......the mechanic said that it wouldn't be worth repairing.

A) the same /as
B) a similar / to
C) such an / that
D) more / than
E) the most/ as

3. You'd better go by car rather than take a taxi, need to take Jeff home from the hospital.

A) such as
B) in case
C) despite
D) otherwise
E) however

4. This supermarket seems to be getting crowded. We......before the checkout lines start getting too long.

A) may hurry
B) should have hurried
C) must have hurried
D) used to hurry
E) had better hurry

5. Unless you have something meaningful to say, I......not listen to you.

A) could
B) used to
C) would rather
D) would
E) ought

6. .......a disappointing speech the president made last night!

A) How
B) That
C) Why
D) Which
E) What

7. ...... to the Middle East by merchants, the Sanskrit the Pancha Tantra eventually came to Europe, where they inspired the French author La Fontaine.

A) Having been taken / known
B) Taken / to know
C) Being taken / knowing
D) To take / being known
E) To be taken / having known

8. .......over 600 years ago, the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer is still among the the English language.

A) Wrote / produced
B) To be written / to produce
C) Having written / being produced
D) To have written / producing
E) Written / to have been produced

9. Selina is travel first-class and stay in 5-star hotels, but she enjoys budget travel because she meets......people.

A) as rich / too interesting
B) the richest / so interesting
C) rich enough / more interesting
D) too rich / Interesting enough
E) so rich / such an interesting

10. The reviewers loved Ed's first book, but ...... his others have been severely criticized by.......

A) all / them
B) every/ him
C) both / theirs
D) each / it
E) whole / they

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Correct answers:
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