Personal Pronouns Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with correct personal pronouns.

1. They saw Steve and me / I at the movies last night after class.

2. He is going to the party with you and me / I if you don't mind.

3. You and her / she ought to return the books to the library because they are already overdue.

4. Prof. Molina left a message for you and me / I. He needs to see us.

5. Ron invited Mary and me / I to have dinner with him .

6. Emily is a good basketball player. I watch Betty and she / her carefully during games.

7. Tom and me / I, both want lo marry Ann.

8. She has lo choose between he and I / him and me.

9. Nick ate dinner with the Robertsons and we / us.

10. The new student has been assigned to work on the group research project with you and I / me.

11. He rang Mary and invited she / her to dinner.

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