Personal Pronouns Worksheet

Also see Personal Pronouns.

Choose the correct personal pronouns.

1. They saw Steve and at the movies last night after class.

2. He is going to the party with you and if you don't mind.

3. You and ought to return the books to the library because they are already overdue.

4. Prof. Molina left a message for you and . He needs to see us.

5. Ron invited Mary and to have dinner with him.

6. Emily is a good basketball player. I watch Betty and carefully during games.

7. Tom and both want to go out with Ann.

8. She has to choose between .

9. Nick ate dinner with the Robertsons and .

10. The new student has been assigned to work on the group research project with you and .

11. He rang Mary and invited to dinner.

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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