Possessive Pronouns Exercise

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Complete the exercise with possessive pronouns. Mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs

Kevin : We want to go away for the weekend, but we have a problem.

Jim : What’s that?

Kevin : Well, we need a tent. We gave to my uncle and he hasn’t

brought it back. Can you lend us ?

Jim : Well, I don’t really want to give to anyone. Selina has got

 one. Can’t you ask her for ?

Kevin : No, is too small for two of us, and it is not nice like


Jim : Well, Mike has got one, too. What’s wrong with ?

Kevin : Oh! No! It’s terribly old, and it lets the rain in.

Jim : OK. How about the Browns’? is nice and big.

Kevin : Well, is too big for two people. Why don’t you let us have

? You know it’s ideal for us.

Jim : OK. All right then. Be careful with it.

Kevin : Oh we will. I promise. Thank you very much Jim.